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Why I got off Social Media

I deactivated all of my social media accounts in November. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Everything. I was going to take a short break and at first, I thought I wouldn't be able to do it. I figured I would give in after... Continue Reading →


An Insight Into My Personality – Emotional Energy and Sensitivity

*This is one of my longer and deeper posts about me. So, without further ado...😶 As an INFJ, I tend to have an excess of emotional energy and it can be so draining, especially when you've been brought up in... Continue Reading →

An Insight Into My Personality – My Mindset

I have high reserves of determination. If I want something, best believe I will get it 😌. That's probably why I've been sorted into Slytherin House...among other things...😅 MAIS I digress. I don't like giving up on something easily unless... Continue Reading →

An Insight Into My Personality – The Way I Think

My mind blazes with endless ideas. I'm always thinking about something. Always. It can be so tiring, literally. My mind's always on overdrive. And now that I say that, my insomnia makes a little bit more sense to me 😩.... Continue Reading →

An Insight Into My Personality – My Introversion

So, I took a personality test on I’m an INFJ – Introverted (93%), Intuitive (84%), Feeling (60%) and Judging (69%). INFJs are the rarest personality type, apparently making up less than one percent of the population, though I read... Continue Reading →

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