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TTC Rant #3 – I hate Kennedy Station.

Ah, yes. Kennedy Station. AKA Ratchet Central. In my high school days, it's where we would go when there was "beef" and undercovers were at Victoria Park station, which was the nearest station from Notre Dame (if you don't count... Continue Reading →


TTC Rant #2 – Metropasses and Presto

In my previous rant about the TTC, I mentioned how 2016 was apparently the last year they were going to sell Metropasses (after this "fare inspector" wanted to harass me about it when there were only a few days left... Continue Reading →

TTC Rant. Probably one of many.

First and foremost, let me tell you, I do not like the new streetcars. They're stupid. The older streetcars have all their seats facing towards the front, except for the ones at the back which face toward each side. But... Continue Reading →

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