I have high reserves of determination. If I want something, best believe I will get it 😌. That’s probably why I’ve been sorted into Slytherin House…among other things…πŸ˜… MAIS I digress. I don’t like giving up on something easily unless I don’t want to bother with it anymore or I exhausted all my options. Even if I do end up throwing in the towel, I’ll usually come back to it later to try again, but if I don’t, then I know I’m thoroughly done with it.

However, I’m also someone who isn’t easily motivated (lack of proper encouragement, praise, and support can suck the life out of you, trust me 😩). In fact, I’m often lazy and procrastinate if something isn’t of immediate importance to me, but if it’s something I want and/or need, I will put my time, energy, and focus into it. If someone or something gets in my way, I will get sour real quick LMAO. I tend to be focused and impatient when I’m working towards something I want…but then again, I’m just fkn impatient in general 😩. That’s probably where my impatience comes from…

I tend to be self-reliant. I try not to depend on people too much, and I really don’t like to. I don’t like the feeling of being in debt to someone or having to owe anyone anything. I don’t like asking for anything, for help and especially for favours, unless I really need to, and even then sometimes I’d just rather not. This self-reliance also extends to moral support. I’m the type who wants to figure everything out myself. I don’t like talking to anybody about my personal problems, and I find it hard to. I don’t like the feeling that I’m bothering people or dragging them down, so I tend to internalize a lot of things and just deal with everything on my own. 😢