Ah, yes. Kennedy Station. AKA Ratchet Central. In my high school days, it’s where we would go when there was “beef” and undercovers were at Victoria Park station, which was the nearest station from Notre Dame (if you don’t count Main Street) and Neil McNeil. We were station rats, because we thought it was cool chilling at Kennedy Station, generating noise, nonsense fights, and just basically being obnoxious shithead wasteyutes. I can see with the younger generations, that hasn’t changed in the slightest (which is why I try to avoid any and all stations between 2-4pm 😂😭).

And of course, there’s the RT, the Scarborough branch of the TTC which should’ve been a regular subway line, but is, instead, boxes of scrap metal that sound like they could derail off the tracks at any second, so you can barely hold a conversation with someone right next to you or even listen to your music full blast. I take any and all measures to avoid taking the RT, which everyone uses to get off that ONE station out of six (in order: Kennedy, Lawrence East, Ellesmere, Midland, SCARBOROUGH CENTER, McCowan). Three buses (21, 43B, and 131) go to STC so there’s no reason for me to take the RT. Yes, it’s longer, but I’d rather keep my hearing intact, thank you very much 😊. One time I went with my friend (Naomienim!!! 😂) to Finch station from Downtown to take the 199 Rocket all the way to STC when it would’ve been much easier and faster to just go to fkn Kennedy…I think you understand by now the hatred I have for the RT.

Which brings me to my point. My cousin lives near STC and don’t nobody want to take the RT. My options were either the three bus routes I mentioned earlier, and I checked the screen to see when the next ones were coming. I find two bus routes showing that the next ones were coming in 20 and 40 minutes. They weren’t mine, thankfully, but come on, Kennedy. Get your shit together. 😩

The 21 comes after waiting for 10 minutes. And pointing back to my 2nd rant about the Presto cards, those Presto machines are fraud. I get on the bus and the shit says Out of Service. Okay, whatever. I’m chilling for a couple of minutes, turn my head back, shit says Tap Card Here. I just had to roll my eyes and laugh cause like, you wanted Presto as part of your system, the least you can do is make sure your shit is working properly. Bout having to make people dig for change n shit. Fraud.

So the bus leaves and just before the turn to Brimley (21 is the Brimley route), the bus starts slowing down. And then I had this face like 😶 no, because I could already hear there was something lowkey wrong with the bus. And then the bus shuts off. In the middle of the bloodclot road. So we’re all stranded in the bus among active traffic, waiting for the perfect time to get off the bus and walk across to get to the sidewalk. The TTC man legit had to stop cars like a crossguard so we could pass. He called the dispatch to let them know the bus is bruck in the middle of the road, reaching the lane about to turn to Brimley and to send another bus.

So about 5 or 6 of them pass by. None of them were the 21. We had to wait for another half an hour until another 21 came to pick us all up. Like, are you fucking serious bro? From the time they called you in, you should’ve been on point with sending another bus like yesterday. And Kennedy station is RIGHT there, you have no excuse for why it took you years to send a bus. What the hell were you doing for 30 minutes when I’ve seen at least 8 of your Not-In-Service asses parked at the station? You’re telling me one of the drivers there couldn’t pick up a shift and drive a damn bus?

I cannot stress this enough. The TTC is mad disorganized. Typa heediotness 😒