In my previous rant about the TTC, I mentioned how 2016 was apparently the last year they were going to sell Metropasses (after this “fare inspector” wanted to harass me about it when there were only a few days left until 2017, pls) because they were transitioning to Presto. LMAO LET ME JUST…

Okay, one thing at a time. Metropasses. The TTC is too dyam lie bout “2016 is the last year we’re selling them.” Misinformation. I don’t remember where I read that from, but I know it was from somewhere because I wouldn’t pull something like that out of my ass and take it at face value. They’re still selling them while transitioning to Presto. Okay then.

Now, I have a Presto for taking the GO Transit, so I figured, soft. No need for Metros then. Let me tell you. 3/5 of their fucking Presto machines are out of order, so not only can I not tap on, I’m forced to dig through my fucking wallet for change to get on the bus. The whole point of having a Presto was to not go through that hassle, non? 😒 And then for some reason, my Presto stopped tapping. Lord knows why because I still have $8 on it but I digress.

For the first week of January, mans were struggling to get on the bus 😭 I was like, non. The moment I found out the TTC was indeed still selling Metros, I knew I had to get one. But because we were already through the first week of January, most places stopped selling them. The best time to get them from an authorized dealer is a few days to a week before the next month begins, and when they sell out, it’s a general rule that a station booth will never fail you.

LOL. So that’s exactly what I did. After getting my Student ID card (now that I needed one 😒) I go to the Sherbourne booth and ask for a Post Secondary. “We ran out.” The fact that he said “we ran out” implied to me that they’re still available, just that they don’t have them anymore. Misinformation again. So I go to my home station, Pape. “We don’t carry them anymore. Yonge/Bloor carries them until the 15th, so you would have to go there.” First guy could’ve told me that, but thank you. Get to Yonge/Bloor now. “We just sold out.” My heart. If YOU, my last chance, sold out, then I guess that means I’m just not taking the transit for the rest of the month 😭 but then he tells me “there’s a machine at Bay that sells them.”

SO FINALLY after like 15 minutes of travelling back and forth, I finally manage to cop a Metro from Bay station. Thankfully, I only had to pay one fare or I would’ve cussed each and every one of them stank. But I’ve said this before and I believe it in every fibre of my being, the TTC is mad disorganized. Yes, I understand you’re transitioning into a new system, but at least make sure your shit fucking works b ! Not only that, I heard on the radio a few days ago that the new streetcars, yes the same ones I cussed about in my other post, have problems with them, like wow, are you fucking kidding me? You jack up the fares, yet the quality of your service doesn’t match up. Metros used to be $112. Now they’re $116.75. Teef.

Whatever dawg. That’s that. Until next time LMAO 😂😭