First and foremost, let me tell you, I do not like the new streetcars. They’re stupid. The older streetcars have all their seats facing towards the front, except for the ones at the back which face toward each side. But the layout of the new ones have them facing each other, which is awkward, and you have minimal leg space, which is even more awkward, and for someone like me, I’m just fkn awkward with everything, so I try to find seats that face one way.

Anywaydoe, that’s besides the point. The stupidest thing of all is how the payment is set up. First of all, you don’t even pay normally. The driver has their own component at the front of streetcar which is separated from the rest of the streetcar. When I first got on one of them, this confused tf out of me, like where the hell am I supposed to pay then, bitch? But then again, I’m a Metropass user, so either way, it’s whatever. I’m just saying, people can easily walk on the streetcar and teef, so that setup was not smart on their part. One time there was a fare inspector on the streetcar and he was walking up and down the whole ride checking for proof of payment, like that’s annoying, no one needs the harassment every 5 seconds, at every stop. Not cool.

And THEN there was a fare inspector at Spadina station today. They’re usually never around, but of course, this time, there just had to be one. So it’s like, not only do you occasionally have someone on the streetcar harassing everybody, you also plant one in the station stopping everybody in a busy station when they’re trying to catch the subway, holding everybody up, like, again, not fucking smart. If you just stuck with paying where the driver can fucking see you, this hassle would not be necessary. Stupid.

Now, I use a Post Secondary Metropass, and you have to get a Student Discount Card as proof that you’re a student, and most drivers usually don’t give a shit, but I got one all throughout anyway because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle 😩 They expire on October 31st, and since this year is the last year they’re selling Metropasses because they’re switching to Presto, and there’s only November and December left, I’m not gonna spend like 7 dollars on a card for only two months. That’s fucking stupid. If anything, they should’ve just extended this year’s expiration date to December 31st. Needless to say, I didn’t bother getting one, and besides, most drivers don’t care, like 5% you’ll have someone wants to harass you when they can clearly tell you’re a student, COMING from the school they’re picking you up from, like stop this nonsense and drive the damn bus to its destination b 😒

So now the fare inspector feels the need to stop me because I didn’t show student ID with my Metro. So I told him, it expired, and I basically explained to him what I said in the previous paragraph, and he was telling me bout how I could’ve been fined $230 for not showing proof, and I’m like hold up, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard about this “fine,” like if you didn’t have student ID, then you just pay adult fare, $3.00 teefin bloodclaat dolla, and keep it moving, plain and simple. Like, don’t try to make it into something big, exercising the need to feel important, like it’s never that serious. Anywaste…

And because he was a younger fare inspector, he thought he could talk to me like we’re chill, like “I’m not gonna fine you (of course you weren’t, it was never that serious). I’m just letting you off with a stern warning (they always do), but trust me when I say this, I kid you not, the next time I see you, I will charge you.” I’m just there like mhmm okay, and while he’s still talking to me like we know each other on some level about this fine and policy, this next TTC dude puts some paper in my face about TTC policies and whatnot, and I just looked at the paper, looked at him, and said “no, thank you.” Like, no need. I know the drill, fam. If you don’t have student ID, pay adult fare and keep it moving. Fuck out my face with your paper 😂

So he let me off the hook with a “stern warning” and I just rolled my eyes and left. Like, okay? The next time you see me? Yeah, most likely fucking never. And what’s today? December 22nd. New Year is just around the corner, Metropasses are gone, and I’ll be on Presto which doesn’t need a damn ID, like bitch, what? What was the motive? What did you get out of that? LOL bye 😂