I haven’t written anything in a while. And honestly, it’s because midterm season stressed me the fuck out. I’ve been cramming for midterms, and not only that, I thought I got Yorked again by the system because I checked my program checklist to see if I was up to date with my credits…and the whole thing fkn updated and none of the courses I took were on there.

So I’m like…what the eff, don’t tell me none of my credits don’t count anymore and I can’t graduate, and if I have to redo the whole program because of this bullshit, then fuck it, I’m out. I don’t care if I’m in my 4th year, if they’re making me stay for another second because they decided to switch up-switch up in the last minute, then I’m done. Over and out.

I took it up with the course director and told her the checklist is showing me different ishh from what I have, like what’s really going on though? And she told me that was the updated checklist for the more recent students and that I ain’t gotta worry about my credits SO I’m still on the way to graduation~ Thank god, cause I’d be fkn damned if I have to stay another year 😒

So with all of that stress gone, I just wanted to relax and chill, so I’ve literally been doing nothing, couldn’t be bothered with anything, leave me alone like damn LMAO but I just got done chilling and now I’m back.