Why is it that every time there’s a damn supermoon, or even just a regular full moon, there’s always a fucking overcast? Smh man, can’t even enjoy the full moon properly.

I’ve always been a moonchild. I like the night, even though it can get scary and downright dangerous sometimes. But the moon makes the night sky something to behold. I love its silvery white glow. I find it relaxing. It’s too bad you can barely see the stars in the city though.

I often take walks around the city, especially when there’s a full moon out. It seems to clear my head more than any other time. Although, I admire the shape of a crescent moon too, but I digress. My usual spot is to chill at the benches at Christie Pits Park. It’s a good view from there, provided there isn’t a damn overcast.

I love taking in moonlight. Standing in it, sitting under it, just basking in it in general. I could be on a rooftop and enjoy the night with some good music. House goals.

…I promise you I’m not a werewolf LMAO 😂