Alane Lanakins was around 2009, but aka_Raccoon was 2006. I was staying over my cousin’s house and I didn’t sleep for quite some time so I ended up getting dark circles around my eyes. Them Coon Rangs 😂😩. And this asshole called me a raccoon. Which is fine because 1) I had the rings to show for it, 2) raccoons are nocturnal-ass creatures, and 3) I’m up all hours of the night anyway so wha gwan. It’s still my casual email account after 11 years.

I’ve been known as the Raccoon in high school. Some of my teachers and friends knew I didn’t sleep, and I would always draw this clown ass hood raccoon (see picture above) that eventually became my logo. My watermark. I drew it everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I drew it on every chalkboard I came across, so that shit went viral. People who didn’t know me by name knew me as The Raccoon Girl. I drew it in the “name” section of handouts and tests, and teachers (and even some supplies) already knew who it was 😂

Then in Grade 10, I met my sister (Naomienim!!!) who asked me about the raccoon and I don’t even know how we came up with it, but she ended up being aka__the Snake and we just caused bare ruckus that year. Good times. But that’s another story. Memory post? I think so 😂