So I’m in my 4th year in university taking Professional Writing. And it took me until 3rd year to realize…I actually do not fkn like my program bro =/ I was expecting it to be more along the lines of Creative Writing or like Writer’s Craft in high school. They do have courses on creative writing, but they’re electives and I needed other rasclaat courses in order to graduate. Like a fkn Social Science credit.

Social SCIENCE. Creative WRITING.

Why the HELL is social science a mandatory ass credit but creative writing isn’t? Nah mek nuh bloodclaat sense 😒 lol Yorked (a term we use when York University screws us over. The fact that we have a term for that at all should say enough…LOL 😭 besides my SOSC class is actually chill, but I digress~)

Anywaste, yeah. Most of my program is mostly based on writing (read: bullshitting) academic papers, and I hate writing essays. HATE it. I hate writing in academic styles because I feel like my writing’s restricted and forced (a fkn given 😒). It doesn’t flow freely and naturally, like how I wrote this post, excluding the slang and patois of course. But hey, I lasted this long in spite of it, and I guess a good thing about it is that I don’t get exams…well, I do from courses outside my major, but that’s a softer issue.