I have a few (or maybe a lot) of nicknames, but online I either go by Alane Lanakins or aka_Raccoon.

Alane Lanakins is my “full nickname” which came from two of my friends, one who spelled my name with a typo as Alane instead of Alana (well, to be fair, I fkn wrote her name as Ane instead of Anne. Wrote it. In pen) and another who thought it would be cute to call me Lanakins. At first I was like argh sjfhsxjbs 😡😡😡 I’m older than you, I’m not supposed to be cute (2 year difference, but of course I was the shorter one and it didn’t help that I didn’t look my age at the time, which was 16. But then again, I never look my age anyway so womp ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). Acting all stush and whatnot, which was only for like 2 seconds cause I ended up embracing it anyways like aka Lanakins, see it yah 😎 LMAO.

Anyways, I’m on Facebook, and of course that comes with certain people you want to avoid. Like family members who are too fas (fast to know your business) 😂. Needless to say, the block is hot. Mad hot. Declining friend requests left, right, center, up, down. Can’t be having people tracking me by government name, now. That’s just not going to work. So that’s how Alane Lanakins came to be, and I’ve been using it as my main online name ever since~