Ponderings of Lanakins~

Why I got off Social Media

I deactivated all of my social media accounts in November. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Everything. I was going to take a short break and at first, I thought I wouldn't be able to do it. I figured I would give in after... Continue Reading →


An Insight Into My Personality – Emotional Energy and Sensitivity

*This is one of my longer and deeper posts about me. So, without further ado...😶 As an INFJ, I tend to have an excess of emotional energy and it can be so draining, especially when you've been brought up in... Continue Reading →

An Insight Into My Personality – My Mindset

I have high reserves of determination. If I want something, best believe I will get it 😌. That's probably why I've been sorted into Slytherin House...among other things...😅 MAIS I digress. I don't like giving up on something easily unless... Continue Reading →

An Insight Into My Personality – The Way I Think

My mind blazes with endless ideas. I'm always thinking about something. Always. It can be so tiring, literally. My mind's always on overdrive. And now that I say that, my insomnia makes a little bit more sense to me 😩.... Continue Reading →

An Insight Into My Personality – My Introversion

So, I took a personality test on I’m an INFJ – Introverted (93%), Intuitive (84%), Feeling (60%) and Judging (69%). INFJs are the rarest personality type, apparently making up less than one percent of the population, though I read... Continue Reading →

“Gender Identity”

This is a controversial post. I know for a damn fact this is going to piss people off. I may come off as ignorant, but this is my impression of the whole gender identity situation. So what made me write... Continue Reading →

TTC Rant #3 – I hate Kennedy Station.

Ah, yes. Kennedy Station. AKA Ratchet Central. In my high school days, it's where we would go when there was "beef" and undercovers were at Victoria Park station, which was the nearest station from Notre Dame (if you don't count... Continue Reading →

I’m so done with school.

As some of you know, I go to York University for Professional Writing. I chose this program because I do a lot of writing on my spare time, which is mostly about my thoughts and ponderings. They offered Creative Writing... Continue Reading →

TTC Rant #2 – Metropasses and Presto

In my previous rant about the TTC, I mentioned how 2016 was apparently the last year they were going to sell Metropasses (after this "fare inspector" wanted to harass me about it when there were only a few days left... Continue Reading →

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